Predicate Noun

What is a Predicate Noun?

The predicate noun or predicate nominative—as it’s also known—is a noun Opens in new window that completes or complement a linking verb Opens in new window and renames the subject of the verb Opens in new window.

The predicate noun completes the predicate Opens in new window but refers to the subject and usually means the same person or thing as the subject.

How Predicate Nouns Can Function

A predicate noun typically follows the linking verb and answers the question who? or what?

It also stands for the same person or thing as the subject.

In example 1) the class captain is the same person as James (subject).

Likewise in 2) Donald Trump is the same person as the president (subject).

Other Examples of Predicate Nouns
  • My grandfather was a news-reporter.
  • The gangster turned snitch.
  • It is she (predicate pronoun)