Adverbs of manner

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Exploring Adverbs of Manner with Examples

Adverbs of Manner refer to the manner in which something is done. In other words, manner adverbs—as otherwise called—describe how the action expressed by the verb is carried out.

Adverbs of manner add flair to your descriptions by explaining how an action is done. Some adverbs commonly used to express manner are shown below.

Examples of Manner Adverbs

Adverbs of manner modify or give further information about verbs by indicating how or in what manner an action is done. They are usually placed after the main verb or after the object.

Examples include:
  • They handled the job enthusiastically. → after the object
  • She often does two things simultaneously. → after the object
  • He walked quickly across the plaza. → after the main verb
  • Liam played his guitar loudly every evening. → after the object
  • As soon as the bell rang, she went immediately to the door. → after the the main verb

An adverb of manner should not be placed between the verb and the object. Consider the following sentence:

  • Kim sings loudly the song. → incorrect: between the verb and the object
  • Kim sings the song loudly. → correct: after the object

If there is a prepositionOpens in new window before the object, (e.g., towards, to) an adverb can be placed before the preposition or after the object.

For Example:
  • Kim sings loudly to the crowd. → before preposition
  • Kim sings to the crowd loudly. → after the object

However, the position of an adverbOpens in new window is important to determine the meaning of a sentenceOpens in new window.

For Example:
  • She slowly agreed to cook. → she hesitates to cook
  • She agreed to cook slowly. → the process of cooking will be slow

Note that if an adverb of manner is placed after a clause, it modifies the whole action described by the clauseOpens in new window. If the adverb is placed next to a verb, then it modifies the action, but not the whole clause.

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