Adverb of frequency

Adverbs of frequency examples

Adverbs of Frequency tell how often someone does something or how often something happens.

Adverbs of Frequency such as always, constantly, continually, occasionally, often, and some others shown below, answer the question How often does the action occur?

Common Frequency Adverbs
alwaysannually/yearly/once a yearregularlyever
oftendaily/every dayseldomsometimes
frequentlythree timescontinuallynever
usuallyhourly/every hourtwicesometimes
constantlymonthly/every monthusuallyonce
occasionallyweekly/once a week
Examples include:
  • She usually comes in over an hour late.
    usually → adverb of frequency—modifies the verb comes—answers the question how often
  • Liam often works late, but he always has a smile.
    Often → adverb of frequency—modifies the verb works—answers the question how often
    always → adverb of frequency—modifies the verb has— answers the question how often
  • Kim takes a dozen doughnut to hungry Larry twice a week.
    twice a week → adverbial phrase of frequency—answers the question how often—modifies the verb takes