Interrogative Adjectives

Examples of Interrogative Adjectives

An interrogative adjective is a word that asks for information about a noun.

    For example
  • Which book do you want?
  • In this sentence, the word which is an interrogative adjective; it asks information about the noun book.

In English, the words which what and whose are interrogatives adjectives when they come in front of a noun and are used to ask a question about that noun.

    For example
  • Which student is giving a presentation?
  • The word which asks for information about the noun student
    It implies Which student out of the limited number of students in the class.
    For example
  • What flight are you taking to India?
  • The word what asks for information about the noun flight.
    It implies What flight out of the unlimited number of flights to India.
    For example
  • Whose house is this?
  • In this sentence, the word whose is used to obtain information about who the house belongs to.

Interrogative adjectives therefore are used to ask a question. They are always followed by a noun or pronoun.

Important Hint!  

Note that interrogative adjectives differ from interrogative pronounsOpens in new window in the manner that the former is followed by a noun in a sentence. See example below:

  • What time is the meeting? (interrogative adjective + noun)
  • What is that? (interrogative pronoun)