Distributive Adjectives

Examples of Distributive Adjectives

A distributive adjective is a describing word that refers to separate things. — Grammar Book
  • Distributive adjectives such as, “each,” “every,” “either,” “neither,” and “any,” are describing words that refer to specific things out of a group. See examples below.
  • Every student is asked to bring a jotter.
  • Does any of you have a pencil?
Rules Governing Distributive Adjectives
    Examples include:
  • Five members were seated on each chair.
  • I was in Shimla for five days and it rained each day.
    Examples include:
  • Every seat was taken.
  • I go to the movies every week.
  • Leap year falls in every fourth year.
  • Each boy must take his turn.
  • Every word of it is false.
  • Neither accusation is true.