Breaking Down Blushing

A blushing lady
A blushing lady. Photo courtesy of WikipediaOpens in new window

Blush (often called blushing) is a facial phenomenon characterized by the reddening of a person’s face due to the person’s emotional feeling. It is usually involuntary and outside one’s conscious control. Blushing is evidenced in people who feel ashamed, or embarrassed, or angry, or experience romantic stimulation.

Individuals who are shy often become red in the face when attention is focused on them in a group. A nervous person or someone with low self-confidence blushes when asked to speak in public.

While a person is blushing, his or her cheeks and neck turn red with embarrassment. When we are blushing, we are fully aware that other people can see our embarrassment and there is nothing we can do about it. Also, the people who witness our embarrassment are fully aware that they are drawing inferences on the basis of our blushing.