Visionary/Charismatic Leadership

Visionary leadership is based on the idea that the leader has the ability to inspire and motivate people to do more than they would normally do, and hence followers may be willing to put aside their own interests for the sake of the team, department, or organization.

The visionary leader is known to inspire others to create a better future and solve problems in new, creative ways. Visionary leaders are also known to be charismatic.

Such leaders motivate followers in a number of ways, including:

Charismatic leaders are skilled in the art of visionary leadership. A vision is an attractive, ideal future that is credible yet not readily attainable. VisionOpens in new window is an important component of both charismatic and transformational leadership.

Visionary leaders speak to the hearts of employees, letting them be part of something bigger than themselves. Where others see obstacles or failures, they see possibility and hope.

Charismatic leaders typically have a strong vision for the future, almost an obsession, and they can motivate others to help realize it. These leaders have an emotional impact on subordinates because they strongly believe in the vision and can communicate it to others in a way that makes the vision real, personal, and meaningful.

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