The Transformational Theory

Transformational leadership was formulated as a theory of leadership in organizations in 1985 and since then to the present, this type of leadership style has continued to gain increased attention.

The transformational leader is based on a leadership approach where leaders work with teams to identify the need for change, create a vision for change, and implement change through inspiration.

Transformational leadership has been conceptualized as a relationship between the leader and followersOpens in new window, in which the former directs and inspires the latter’s efforts with the main aim of enhancing their awareness of the degree of importance of organizational values and outcomes.

Transformational leaders are distinguished by their ability to bring about innovation and change by recognizing followers’ needs and concerns, helping them look at old problems in new ways, and encouraging them to question the status quo.

Transformational leaders inspire followers not just to believe in the leader personally, but to believe in their own potential to imagine and create a better future for the organization. Transformational leaders create significant change in both followers and the organization.

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