About Ifioque

What makes Ifioque

The Ifioque Website is a free online-resource project collaboratively pioneered by Victor Isaac and Gift Essien, self-motivated bright minds, with the fervent drive to make educational contents accessible to everyone. Hence, this Project (Ifioque Website) has been developed as educational resource for interested persons and members of the public, and not limited to students, career persons, or members of a particular field.

We believe education is fundamental to personal and societal development. For most people, education is the key to a variety of opportunities; some perceive education as a culture, which they belive should be emulated everywhere. Going by these facts, every person should eat, drink, sleep, and breathe education. For this reason, we are poised to use the Ifioque Project as a medium to contribute our quota upon making learning and intellectual resources available and accessible to (interested) members of the public. Therefore, we do not charge a fee to access this website or its content.

Every content content published on the Ifioque Website are educational based. Prioritizing the commitment to maintain the highest editorial standards and with a promise to continue developing premium innovative digital experiences, Ifioque will always remain an ambient platform for seamless and quality learning experience.


First and foremost, We give glory to God Almighty for the sustainable level of progress the Ifioque Project has achieved so far. We thank Mediachivaux and its entire team for working tirelessly to bring this Project live.

Indeed, the Ifioque Project is a work in progress, for it takes a great deal of time to do a thing well and ultimately achieve massive success. Secondly, We would like to thank each of our family members and our noble friends who have never let us down whenever circumstances necessitate their supports.

In sourcing materials for the articles published on the Ifioque Website; we rely heavily on the work of ingenious authors that few if any of our ideas, except perhaps any mistaken ones, are product of us. We owe a huge debt to these generous authors who have made so much of their work available on the Web and hope they find especially ambient locales reserved for them in Heaven, many years from now. We owe a particular gratitude to Google, for the massive innovative technology they brought to the internet community; and of course we dare not omit this opportunity to thank glo (Globacom) for its incredibly affordable, fast and efficient data network; for without them none of these would have been possible.