The CAUSATIVE CONSTRUCTION applies to sentences in which the subject of the sentence doesn’t carry out the action of the main verb, but has the action performed by someone else.

Observe the sentence below.
  • The mother makes her children do their homework.

In English the causative construction consists of the subject + make, have, or force + performer + action.

  • The coach forces the team to run laps.
  • The president had his secretary write letters.

In informal speech get and have are often used in a causative construction.

Observe the following:
  • I got my friend to feed my dog while I was away.
  • I had my friend feed my dog while I was away.

The meaning of some verbs imply a causative construction.

  • I surprised my friend. → I made my friend be surprised.
  • I scared my friend. → I caused my friend to be scared.