An Introduction to Execratio

Execratio; (also known as “Ara,” or “Areia,” “Execracio,” “Execracion”; etymologically from Greek, literally means “a prayer for evil,” or “a curse”) is a figure which consists when one expresses hatred either by cursing or calling down evil upon a person for the misdeed committed.

MelanchthonOpens in new window considers this trope to be sub-set of exclamatioOpens in new window.

Notable Examples
    Execratio or Ara (as its also known), usually express a solemn curse by the following formulae:
  • “May all the gods and goddesses rain destruction upon you!”,
  • “May the gods smite you!”
  • “May the gods give you ruination befitting your misdeeds!”,
  • “May the gods abandon you!”
  • “May you rot in hell!”
Further Readings:
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