An Introduction to Dendrographia

Dendrographia (derives from Greek dendron “tree” and grapho “to write”), is a rhetorical device exclusively for the designation of a written (grapho) description of a tree (dendron), usually with an aura of illusionary reality.

The dendrographia belongs to the sub-set of EnargiaOpens in new window, which is the generic name for the likes figures of description. The description can be represented verbally as well as visually.

Notable Example
  • “Its trunk was but a wizened arm, its branches bony fingers grasping vainly at the winter sky.”
  • — (Gideon O Burton, Silva Rhetoricae)
Further Readings:
Silver Rhetoricae, Figures by Gideon O. Burton | DendrographiaOpens in new window
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