Burlesque Metaphor

Burlesque Metaphor is a kind of metaphorOpens in new window which uses grotesqueOpens in new window, or comically exaggerated series in its comparisonsOpens in new window. It usually makes use of allegorical or emblematic sketches, artworks or graphics images in the form of human or animal figure to represent an abstract idea or quality.

Examples of Burlesque Metaphor

  1. “It was a very black night and the girl was dressed in cream-coloured muslin, and must have glimmered under the tall trees of the dark park like a phosphorescent fish in a cupboard.”

    — (Ford Maddox Ford, The Good Soldier, 1915)

  2. “The Pegasus of the Italian drama, if I may venture on a burlesque metaphor, was a mule begotten by the sturdy ass of Latin on the fleet mare of the Italian spirit; and it had the sterility of the mule.”

    — (John Addington Symonds, Renaissance in Italy, 1875).

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