Antistasis: Definition & Examples

Antistasis (derives the Greek meaning “to stand against” or “to resist”), is a trope which consists the duplication of a word in a different or contrary sense. The same word or phrase is repeated but the sense changes the second time, to a different signification. It is a device synonymous to antanaclasisOpens in new window.

Notable Examples of Antistasis

  1. And the boy was a boy.
    here, the second sense 'boy' signifying the boy is young
  2. “He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes a book.”

    — Benjamin Franklin

  3. “And let the dead bury their dead

    — Ingenious Author

Antistasis is a form of paronomasiaOpens in new window where the form and sounds are exactly the same in words whose meaning or signification is different and which are brought together.

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