What Is Paroemion?

Paroemion (derives from Greek combination para “near” and homoios “like”), is an extensive case of alliteration in which every or nearly every word in a sentence begins with the same consonant sounds. This is also known as head rhymeOpens in new window or initial rhymeOpens in new window and in some cases used as a synonym for alliterationOpens in new window.

Notable Examples of Paroemion
  • This mischievous Money makes many men marvelous mad.
  • When friendly favour flourished, I found felicity.
  • “The delicious doughnut drew delicate designs, drizzling delectable damson drops down Dave’s duck-down vest. “Darn!” Dave declared dragging his dripping dukes across the dreadfully delightful disaster.”
  • She walked and wandered out of the way, weeping and wailing upon her woeful wound.
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