An Introduction to Catacosmesis

Catacosmesis (derives from the Greek katakosmeo, literally means “to set in order”), is the arrangement of words in the order of greatest to least in dignity, or in correct chronological order (from first to last).

In similarity to Auxesis, the catacosmesis expresses degree through word order; but whereas the AuxesisOpens in new window sets the grander word last, Catacosmesis sets the word greatest in dignity first, as,

    For Example:
  • √  “God” and “man,”
  • √  “sun” and “moon,”
  • √  “life” and “death.”
A Typical Example
  • I slept well; then I awoke, brushed my teeth, and went to school.
Further Readings:
Silva Rhetoricae, Figures | CatacosmesisOpens in new window
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