Adnominatio is the repetition of words with the same root word. It is a literary device by which the sound of a particular word is echoed by another word in the same sentence.

Adnominatio is often deployed in proseOpens in new window and poetryOpens in new window as means of creating attention and amusement mainly in an ironical manner.

An Example of Adnominatio

A very common example of adnominatio phrase stems from journalism:

“news is what somebody, somewhere, wants to suppress; all the rest is advertising.”

In this example above, the word “some” is the adnominatio. In this case, it enhances creativity in the statement, giving it a resounding effect and also make it easier to recollect.

Adnominatio may also use a morphemeOpens in new window (a basic meaning of a syllable in linguistics) and use it in different ways. However, the different ways often oppose each other, creating opposite meanings using the same word or syllable. Examples of words created from the morpheme of “time” are as follows:

nighttime, pastime, peacetime, and meantime.

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