An Introduction to Abecedarian

Abecedarian is a kind of acrosticOpens in new window whose initial letters do not spell a word but has its grammatical constructionOpens in new window consistently composed in an alphabetical order. For example:

  • Andy and Ben Cook Dinner Every Friday.

Abecedarian is mainly used in presentational occasions, such as business promotions, church services, and other social events — such social functions — where the style of content delivery is key to memorization.

The construction of ideas in alphabetical order helps to achieve this feat.

Notable Examples:
  • I was alone behind closed doors.
  • A blended companionship does engender friendship.

The use of this device in writing or oratory is limited mainly to the realm of memorization as opposed to effect. It is a form of composition that allows the audience to recall, without much difficulty, previous points or points after the fact.

Further Readings:
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