Job Involvement

What is Job Involvement?

Job involvement measures the degree to which people identify psychologically with their job and consider their perceived performance level important to self-worth.— Behavioral Scientists

Job Involvement refers to the extent to which a person identifies psychologically with his or her job. Employees with a high level of job involvement strongly identify with and really care about the kind of work they do.

Job involvement consists when a person feels that the job is more meaningful and it utilizes one’s talent and skills to the fullest extent. Due to this perception, performance level will be increasingly significantly and enhance the overall self worth.

In the job involvement context, there is a perfect harmony between the types of skills a person possesses and the work content.

There is high level of relationship between job involvement and fewer absence and lower resignation rates of an individual.

A closely related concept to job involvement is psychological empowerment, which is employees’ beliefs in the degree to which they influence their work environment, their competence, the meaningfulness of their job, and the perceived autonomy in their work.

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