Fatigue & Boredom


Distinction between Fatigue and Boredom

In many instance it is difficult to distinguish between boredom and fatigue, feeling of tiredness. Both are the result of work and both are unpleasant.

The distinguishing factors between the two terms are addressed below:

  • Fatigue is a decreased capacity for work but boredom is a decreased interest in work.
  • Fatigue expresses itself in the desire for taking rest but boredom expresses itself in the desire for change.
  • Fatigue is usually associated with psychological depletion but boredom is concomitant of mental dullness.
  • Fatigue is to some extent, measurable but boredom is a subjective attitude that defies objectives evaluation.
  • Fatigue is conscious inability, but boredom is a feeling of incapacity with or without there being a psychological basis for the feeling.

The difficulty of distinguishing between boredom and fatigue has led some investigators to suggest that the two be considered as useful in overcoming the other. Nevertheless, sometimes employees can actually distinguish between the two.

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